Jerry Busch is a long time musician from Northeast Ohio. He has been writing and playing music for thirty plus years.

In the early spring of 1977, Jerry sent four albums of his music to WMMS in Cleveland, Ohio and The Demo Tapes collection caught the ear of the program director John Gorman. The Demo Tapes album received heavy air play on WMMS and the ball started to roll.

Jerry's band included many musicians from leading groups in the area. Drummer Jim Paramore and guitarist Jerry Tyler were in Teaser. Drummer Edward Brown played with Satellite. Bass player, Rick Tacket was with J.B & Co. and bassist Freeman Turner played with Boa. The three back-up vocalists, John Wolf, Ken Baltitas and Bill McCoy were in a comedy-music group called Spinner and Paddlefoot Trio.

It was from this group of musicians that the Jerry Busch Group was formed and in 1980, the "City Boy" album was released. Jerry and his band had modest success in the Cleveland area including three performances at the Coffee Break Concert and the WMMS release of "The Pride of Cleveland" album. This was an LP of unreleased music by Northeast Ohio musicians, to benefit the Music Scholarship Program at Cleveland State University.

Jerry continues to play and write music. The latest release was the "Blind Date" CD in 2001. A collection of some new material as well as some older material revisited. Currently the band is in the studio finishing another CD with a release date to be announced. For now please enjoy our site, listen to samples of all The Jerry Busch Group music, check out Jerry's lyrics and please check back soon for updates.